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A Bit of Heber History

The community of Heber had its origins with the construction of the Imperial Valley branch of the Southern Pacific Railroad during the early 1900’s. The Imperial Land Company, working under the direction of the California Development Company, elected to honor company President A.H. Heber by naming the community after him in 1903.

The anticipated construction of the San Diego Yuma railroad, which was expected to pass through Heber, spurred local development for the next five years.

In 1908, however, Heber’s initially rapid growth slowed considerably as the nearby community at El Centro gained importance as a regional center. Although Heber has at times been a busy trading center, competition from El Centro has seriously hindered any further rapid expansion.

Heber’s continued existence, as well as the existence of most of Imperial County’s other communities has been based on the importance of agriculture and its reliance on irrigation.



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Heber School

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