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My experience with Judy Duflock, both as a buyer’s agent and as a listing/seller’s agent, has been excellent. She has lived in the region for many years and has very strong knowledge of the local market, as well as good ties within the community. As a recent client of hers, I can attest to how smoothly she handled the sale of my home leaving me fully confident that I received the best price possible for my home. This was particulary helpful to me as I was living outside of the US at the time of listing and sale. I would highly recommend Judy to anyone considering buying or selling property in the Imperial Valley area.

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Judy has a lot of experience with homes in the imperial valley and it shows. Her knowledge of builders, neighborhoods, etc. is unrivaled. When searching for a new home, she was able to quickly identify areas to focus on making our search short and easy. Selling the same home two years later was even more smooth.

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I have worked with Judy Duflock several times over the past few years in both selling a home and purchasing another and would have no reservations in recommending her to any person searching for a first rate real estate agent in the Imperial Valley. One would be hard pressed to find a more honest and conscientious person with whom to work. Judy keeps her clients well-being in mind and gives unbiased and professional advice regardless if such information may potentially cost her a quick sale. She is friendly and easy to work with while at the same time being a straight-shooter not afraid to advocate for her clients. Judy brings an immense amount of experience and knowledge to the table and is generous with her time. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Chris Hawkins

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Judy and Spike helped me purchase my last two homes…one about 12 years ago and another recently. They have lived here in the valley forever and there seems to be nothing about the area that they don’t know. I even remember Spike pointing out to me the first house in El Centro to ever have a built-in swimming pool. I have witnessed Judy “negotiating” several times and I don’t think I have ever seen her not get what she wanted.

I have reccomended them to many friends and will continue to do so.

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Judy is very professional, personable and highly respected in the area. The guidance we received before placing our house on the market was extremely helpful and Judy’s outstanding follow through on the numerous details allowed each step of the process to be completed on time or ahead of schedule. As stressful as a home sale can be, Judy and her team ensured our entire transaction was positive and rewarding. Duflock and Associates was the best choice for us! Highly recommended!

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Judy is an experienced professional with deep ties to the community and a wealth of knowledge. She is always available and knows all of the local professionals which makes the process so much smoother. I would recommend Judy to anyone who is interested in either buying or selling in the Imperial Valley.

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Judy is a strong broker who will fight for her customers, making sure they always get the best deal. She honest, ethical, and has morals. Qualities which are far & few in the real estate business.

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What a nice down to earth lady. Extremely knowledgable and professional. One thing I really liked and appreciated is just is an excellent communicator, and she does what she says she will. We were actually looking at rental properties with her, we discussed renting vs buying and she was very honest and helpful.

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Judy Helped us to turn our dream into reality, she worked tirelessly negotiating, she has been a decisive factor to close the deal of our house, thanks Judy and her team we can say that today we are home owners. She explain every single step and answer all our questions, she is professional and a expert in the field. I will highly recommend Judy for any real state needs.

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I have bought and sold several homes in three different states and I have never had such an enjoyable experience. This property was in less than good condition and I was residing in another state so was unable to contract for repairs and monitor progress. Judy took on the responsibility and proceeded to get the home in condition for sale. She always worked with me on contractors, repairs and minor improvements needed. She brought up several suggestions, some of which I approved and she incorporated them as improvements to the home. She never complained and was always ready to answer questions and provide guidance when I needed it. When it came to marketing the home, she had inquiries on the home the first day and had a buyer almost immediately. She provided more guidance during the closing period and the home sale went so smoothly that I had trouble believing it. I have never had a sale go so quickly and easily. Judy has the experience, attitude, and friendly disposition that is required for the job and her professionalism is unequaled. Dealing with her as a realtor has been the best home selling experience I have ever had. Loren Gerlt

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